Your Smartphone Into A Media Player

Use a Cable and/or Go Wireless. It’s pretty easy to connect iOS or Android devices to stereo systems/receivers, headphones, or speakers. All you need to stream music is an audio cable. But based on the type of inputs available, you may need an audio cable with a 3.5 mm plug on one end and RCA connectors (the red and yellow plugs) on the other end.

Don’t forget to personalize your portable media player with wallpapers, effects, different fonts, or color schemes. A number of these are available on your device without having to do any downloads (although you can find more through the app stores). Have some fun with it!

Another great benefit of using an smartphone as a media player is the option for wireless connectivity. If your speakers or receiver feature Bluetooth wireless, then it’s possible to connect a portable media player without any cables. Although Bluetooth is the most frequent, there are other wireless technologies available, each with pros and cons. If your system doesn’t have Bluetooth wireless, you can purchase and install a Bluetooth receiver that is simple to provide that capability.

Rather than tossing it or selling it for pennies, here’s an idea for breathing new life turn it into a media player. Here are a couple of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your media machine.

The Google Chromecast Ultra can be your best friend if you want video streaming. Consider it. It replaces the need for sending video/audio, for a cable and plugs into your TV or receiver. Google Chromecast can be used with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows devices that support the display mirroring feature. Here’s more info in regards to your phone secure review the webpage. For repurposing an old device not bad!

If your portable media player is an Android device, it may have the alternative of a SD card slot to expand storage. If so, then all you need to do is insert a high-capacity micro SD card and copy your digital content all there. Otherwise, USB OTG is supported by most Android devices. IOS devices have Lightning-compatible flash drives that you may buy for. In one of these scenarios, you are going to want to copy holding your phone digital media over . And once plugged into the portable media player, the digital music/video gets available to play.

You might be wondering the purpose in having a dedicated portable media player, if you have been accustomed to listening to music or watching videos through your smartphone. The answer is that it is all about convenience and streamlining your personal technology. By letting a portable media player be the principal device to handle much of your digital audio/video entertainment, you can keep your smartphone (and battery power) for important things, such as telephone calls, photos, messaging, social media posting, gaming, web browsing, and all else.

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