Turn Your Android Device Right into a Badass Portable Media Center

Turn Your Android Device Right into a Badass Portable Media Center -Use a Cable and/or Go Wireless. It’s pretty easy to connect iOS or Android devices to , headphones, or speakers. All you will need to stream music is an audio cable. But based on the type of inputs available, you might need an audio cable with a 3.5 mm plug on one end and RCA connectors (the red and yellow plugs) on the opposite end.

The life cycle of modern smartphones can feel fairly brief, given the latest versions seem to come out again and again each year. Others want to get the maximum from something before having to replace it while some people eagerly anticipate a brand new upgrade. However, when you do eventually resort to buying a new apparatus, do not simply throw the old one away! Put it to good use (electronics is also an environmental concern). Therefore, if you can not sell an old device, trade it in, or give it to somebody, why not repurpose a smartphone (or tablet) into a portable media player?

Next, Hide Stock Apps or Delete/Disable. Mobile devices are useful with the collection of apps at hand. But since you’re turning an old smartphone into a portable media player instead, anything extra is just clutter. Voice recorder, camera, calculator, documents, messaging, photo gallery? None of these are tools for something which will be dedicated to playing audio and video media, right? All you should really want on your media player’s home screen are apps for music and/or video. Keep it tidy for the best experience!

By way of instance, let’s say you’re hosting a party for guests and want music to play on all your speakers. Here’s more info on for your smartphone look at the web-page. You could leave your smartphone plugged in to do the job. But since it would have to stay close to your equipment, you’re most likely to miss calls, notifications, or messages unless you’re constantly going back to check.

Then Copy Media and Expand Storage. You most likely have a group of digital audio/media files, so go on and copy exactly what you would like over to the media player. If you don’t already have video or music to put on the media player, it’s easy to download and/or digitize whatever you enjoy. Songs can be converted to MP3s if you’re an iOS user. Chances are you already have some digital MP3 copies from Amazon’s AutoRip feature, if you’ve purchased CDs and/or vinyl albums from Amazon. There are websites that let you legally download music for free. All these can be copied over to the portable media player.

The Google Chromecast Ultra can be your very best friend if you would like video streaming. Consider it as a wireless HDMI adapter. It plugs into your TV or receiver and essentially replaces the need. Google Chromecast is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows devices smart phone mount that 2017 support the display mirroring feature. Not bad for repurposing an old device!

You might be wondering the point in using a dedicated media player, if you’ve been used to listening to music and/or watching videos by increase your security smartphone. The answer is it is all about convenience and streamlining your own technology. By allowing a portable media player be the primary device to deal with much of your electronic audio/video entertainment, you are able to keep your smartphone (and battery power) to get important things, like telephone calls, photos, messaging, social media posting, gaming, web browsing, and all else.

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