Ivanka Trump says child tax credit ‘not a pet project’ — Business Insider Deutschland

BAYVILLE, N.J. (AP) — Ivanka says she doesn’t consider her efforts to boost the child tax credit to be a «pet project.»

The presidential daughter and adviser has been on the road to sell the Republican tax overhaul plan, after months of behind-the-scenes work on the policy. She calls the child tax credit a «major initiative» for «middle-income tax relief.»

Trump, who’d already been to Japan, California and Maine in the previous two weeks, spent Monday zipping from a morning television interview in New York prestamos rapidos — click the following document, City to a tax event at the New Jersey shore, grabbing a quick face-time moment on the train with her kids along the way. From New Jersey, she was back on the train headed to Washington creditos rapidos online asnef — click the following document, for a workforce development meeting.

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