GENY ONE Luxury Scratch Resistant Hybrid Smartwatch

GenY GmbH is a Company in the heart of Zurich and was founded in 2017 by Karl Kieser. It all began because of frustration as the user and most almost daily asking why smartwatches must be cheaply built and unaesthetic. This was the beginning, where GenY decide to starts to build there own Watch. The GENY ONE.


The features includes:

• Swiss movement

• Patented Swiss design

• Display

• Entirely scratch-resistant

• Hypertension levels gauge

• Tracking sleep

• Heart rate monitor

• Anti-mobile loss function

• Distance Meter

• Water resistant 3ATM

• Calorie counter

• Note reminder

• Call message notifications

They are a few thinkers ever sold who have really understood that a capable tool is handy, but a beautiful tool is loved. Medical was one guy who understood can be of function and design and Karl Kieser goes a step further. Where other businesses fail, we at GENY ONE fill the hole.

As a Swiss company, we feel responsible to offer our customers the best at a reasonable price without compromising. Our focus is on innovation and fair play which corresponds towards the Swiss requirement. This is how we created the GENY ONE hybrid smartwatch. It is completely scratch-resistant possesses a dome top can be made of sapphire glass. It includes a Swiss watch movement from Ronda, which was combined with Chinese service. A highlight of this luxury hybrid smartwatch will be the blood pressure and heart and breathing monitor, which set new standards for a hybrid smartwatch.

The GENY ONE Luxury hybrid Smartwatch will be soon on Kickstarter as an Kickstarter Special edition.

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